Biden Administration Extends Student Loan Payment Suspension Through August 2022 | Carla Saint Louis

The federal student loan payment pause has been extended until August 31, 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

During the pause, student loan repayments remain at a fixed interest rate of 0%. It also stops the collection of overdue loan repayments.

What does this mean for borrowers?

  • You don’t have to pay to get 0% interest or suspended payments for your student loans.

What loans are eligible?

The relief is for eligible federal student loans, such as the following:


  • Direct loans (defaulted and non-defaulted)
  • Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL) loans held by ED (defaulted and non-defaulted)
  • Federal Perkins loans held by ED (defaulted and non-defaulted)
  • Defaulted FFEL program loans not held by ED
  • Defaulted Health Education Assistance (HEAL) Loans

The pause will not apply to the following student loans:


  • Non-defaulting loans from the FFEL program not held by ED
  • Federal Perkins Loans Not Held by ED (Defaulted and Non-Defaulted)
  • Non-Defaulted HEAL Loans
  • Private student loans

Some FFEL and HEAL program loans are held by commercial services, while Perkins loans may be held by the school you attended. If your loan does not qualify, you can contact your agent for available options. Private student loans are not eligible for the payment break.

Can you get a refund during the payment break?

You can get a refund for any payment made during the payment break. Simply call your provider to request a refund of your payment.

You can determine your eligibility by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.

The extension is a continuation of the administrative abstention which began on March 13, 2020.

Debt forgiveness is making headlines again after lawmakers hinted that President Joe Biden was considering canceling student loan debt.

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