Boris Becker jailed for two years after Mallorca loan payment failed

FORMER tennis champion Boris Becker has been jailed for two years in the UK for concealing assets to avoid repayment of loans.

The German, 54, and six-time Grand Slam champion, was found guilty by Southwark Crown Court of four counts under insolvency law.

Becker had declared bankruptcy in June 2017, unable to repay a loan he had taken out to buy a luxury property in Mallorca.

In 2019 his luxury estate, Son Coll, was put on the market, but not before a group of German squatters occupied it.

Boris Becker with his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro arriving at court today.
Photo: Cordon presses.

Shortly after their eviction, a pornographic film was shot on the spot, starring veteran porn star “Dolly Buster”.
Becker’s debts had soared to £11m as he earned an estimated £120m from a lucrative sporting career.

At trial, Judge Deborah Taylor said he showed “no remorse or admission of guilt”.

Earlier this month, jurors convicted Becker of kidnapping property as well as two counts of willfully concealing debts.

He was acquitted of 20 additional counts, many of which stemmed from his failure to hand over the trophies and medals of his distinguished career to the debtors.


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