Kotak Mahindra mortgage interest rate: Ganesh Chaturthi OFFER! Bank cuts rates 15 basis points, loan STARTS at 6.5%



Kotak Mahindra Bank announced today, September 9, that it is deducting mortgage rates by 15 basis points.

The bank offers mortgage rates from 6.5%. This new rate of 6.5% will start from Ganesh Chaturthi. Previous mortgage rates started at 6.65 percent.

In April, the bank announced that mortgage borrowers would continue to benefit from its special interest rate of 6.65 percent per annum. This low interest rate was applicable to all loan amounts.

New home loan applicants and balance transfer cases were eligible for interest rates starting at 6.65% per annum. Interest rates are linked to the credit rating of borrowers and the loan-to-value ratio (LTV).

To apply for a Kotak home loan online, consumers can visit the Kotak Home Loans website. Consumers can also apply through Kotak bank branches across India. Existing Kotak customers can also apply through the Kotak mobile banking app or online banking. Kotak home loans are linked to an external benchmark, namely the RBI repo rate.

To provide a superior repayment experience for customers and increase efficiency, it also deployed a secure Do It Yourself (DIY) digital repayment platform for missed loan repayments, in partnership with Credit as Solutions. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the “Neo Collections” platform offers a personalized and non-intrusive experience, allowing clients to manage their contributions themselves transparently thanks to a intuitive reimbursement platform.

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By using data analysis to target the right customer segments, the “Neo Collections” platform creates hyper-personalized scenarios to connect with each customer. The platform analyzes both historical and live customer interaction data, deploying sophisticated behavioral models to create individual customer-level personalities that take into account each customer’s unique preferences, including how they interact. preferred communication, best time to contact them and language. of their choice.


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