SBI Dussehra 2021 Car Gold Personal Loan Interest Rate Processing Fee

New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI) is offering special offers on car loans, personal loans and gold loans on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra 2021. “Let us celebrate this victorious day of Dussehra with special offers on car loans , gold loans and personal loans by SBI. On this day of victory, usher in prosperity with our special offers,” SBI tweeted. SBI customers can also enjoy zero processing fees on car, personal loan and gold loan.Read also – Second week of war, Vladimir Putin sees positive changes in talks with Ukraine on ceasefire

SBI loan interest rate

  • The main public sector loan company has fixed interest rates on these loan offers. SBI customers can qualify for a car loan starting at 7.25% per annum. The interest rate on the gold loan is 7.50% per annum. You can borrow a personal loan at an interest rate of 9.60% per annum.
  • There will be no processing fees on car loan, personal loan and gold loan.
  • Meanwhile, SBI warned its customers against 10 types of fraud. These are UPI Fraud, KYC Fraud, Email Fraud, Identity Theft, Mobile Banking Fraud, Social Media Fraud, Digital Payment Fraud, OTP fraud, lottery fraud and remote access fraud.
  • “This Dussehra has set fire to the misdeeds of cyber fraud. Stay informed. Stay safe. Happy Dussehra! Stay alert and safe with SBI,” SBI tweeted.

Prior to Navratri, SBI launched credit-linked home loans at 6.70% regardless of amount. Prior to the festive offer, a borrower with a loan above Rs 75 lakh had to pay an interest rate of 7.15%, according to the IANS report. Also Read – EXCLUSIVE: Indian Badminton Prodigy Maisnam Mieraba Luwang Continues Learning

“With the introduction of Festive Offers, a borrower can now qualify for a home loan for any amount at a rate as low as 6.70%. The offer results in a savings of 45 basis points, which translates into a huge interest savings of over Rs 8 lakh, for a loan of Rs 75 lakh with a term of 30 years,” he said, IANS reported. Also Read – Final LIC IPO Documents Soon to be Filed with SEBI: Report

In addition, the SBI removed the distinction between salaried and non-salaried borrower.

“Now, no occupancy-related interest premium is charged to future home borrowers. This would lead to a further interest savings of 15 basis points for non-salaried borrowers,” the bank said.

Previously, the interest rate applicable to a self-employed borrower was 15 basis points higher than that of employees.

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