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Jaipur: Under Rajasthan Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe Finance and Development Cooperative Corporation Limited, people belonging to categories SC / ST, safai karamcharis, people with disabilities (PwD) and other backward classes (OBC) can apply for self-employment loan online from September 1. They can get loans at concessional interest rate.
The Managing Director of Anuja Corporation Parameshwar Lal said: “Applicants can now apply for a loan through e-mitra or by creating an SSO ID.”
A loan appraisal team has been established at the division level for loan approval. This team will accept or reject applications by holding a meeting within three months of receiving the application, he added.
Applicants can apply for a loan online from September 1 to November 30. “The loan amount will be transferred by the Company to the candidate bank account linked to Jan Aadhaar after administrative approval based on the recommendation given by the loan appraisal team. , “he added. Lal added,” Previously this process took a long time as applications were accepted offline. This process has been online since last year. This will make the process easier for applicants who do not have to wait a long time.


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