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STUDENTS across the country have already settled into a new term at college, but might be wondering when they will be paid next time after spending the week for students.

You will be paid at specific times throughout the academic year – we tell you which dates you need to circle in your calendar.


Students will need to start repaying their loans soon after completing their courseCredit: Getty – Contributor

We also explain if you can still apply for student funding, even if the term has already started.

What is a maintenance loan?

A maintenance loan is for living expenses while you study, so you shouldn’t have to use this money for your tuition as it will come separately.

However, you may be required to provide details of your household income when applying for a maintenance loan.

It may also affect the amount you may be entitled to.

The money is paid into your bank account at the start of each quarter so that you can receive up to three payments per year.

To find out how much you can borrow, visit government site.

What are the maintenance loan payment dates for 2021?

Student loans are paid in three installments, but the exact day you get them depends on when you start your term.

If your course starts this month in September, you will most likely receive your payments in September, January and then April.

Payments are usually made to students on the first official day of their course, but only if you have registered your attendance with the university.

Indeed, the university will let Student Loans Finance (SLC) know that you have registered, and it will then be able to release payment on the start date of your term.

If you are unsure of how to register, contact your university for more information.

However, the start date for payments will likely be after you graduate from college, and you may need to register in person at your institution.

SLC says it can take up to three days for payments to reach a student’s account, so make sure you have money to cover upfront costs, such as books, transportation, or first month’s rent.

You can view the repayment schedule for your student loans in your online account once your request is approved.

If your payment dates do not appear on your account, it may be because your request has not yet been approved or because SLC is still waiting for a confirmation of registration.

The amount of funding you will get depends on your personal circumstances, including your parents’ income.

How to apply for a student loan?

Students can apply for a loan online via government site.

They can apply up to nine months after the start of the academic year.

Students can create a student finance account online, often requiring the inclusion of household income, identification, and a loan statement as part of their application.

You can apply for tuition loans and maintenance loans.

If you cannot apply online, you will need to download the application forms and send them by mail.

Do you need to apply for student funding every year?

Changes in the student funding process mean that continuing students must apply for funding each year.

Now that paper applications have been removed, students must apply online.

Students can apply for funding through the government site.

Can I still apply for financing?

Just because your term has started doesn’t mean you still can’t apply for student funding.

You can apply up to nine months after the first day of the academic year for your course.

This means that if your term started in September for example, you can still apply for funding for that year – but you will need to apply within nine months of that date.

When does the reimbursement start?

When a student should start paying off their loan – and how much they have to pay – depends on which repayment plan they belong to.

Plan One (loans taken out before September 1, 2012 in England or Wales)

  • If a student’s income is more than £ 1,615 per month (before taxes and deductions) or £ 19,895 per year, they will start repaying their loan in April after leaving classes.
  • The amount they have to repay will change on April 6 of each year.
  • Students will stop paying if their income drops below this amount.

Plan 2 (loans contracted from September 1, 2012)

  • If a student’s income is more than £ 2,214 per month (before taxes and other deductions) or £ 27,295 per year, they will start repaying their loan in April after completing their courses or, if they are studying at part-time, April 4 years after the start of the course.

Refunds are taken from a person’s salary at the same time as tax.

Students can make voluntary refunds through the Student loan company.

But they should be careful as more than half a million graduates owed £ 28million due to overpayments, according to research last year.

The Student Loans Company then began testing automatic reimbursement for people who overpaid in March.

How much are university tuition fees?

The amount a student will pay for their college tuition fee depends on where they are studying and what they are studying.

Tuition fees can start at around £ 9,000 but can increase up to £ 18,000.

Interest begins to be added to your loan from the moment you receive your first payment.

As student loan overpayments hit £ 18.4million, here’s how to see if you need to be paid back.

Martin Lewis explains how to check if you owe £ 100 of student loan overpayments.

A student was mistakenly offered only £ 3 instead of £ 3,000 in university loans.

Martin Lewis explains how to check if you owe £ 100 in student loan overpayments

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